Nurse Aide

DMS is currently seeking experienced Nursing Assistants/Nurse Aides for opportunities available in Grand Rapids and the surrounding area.

Licensed Practical Nurses

DMS is seeking Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s) for per diem, part-time, and full-time opportunities in Grand Rapids, MI, and the surrounding area.

I think they are a very professional and compassionate company. Always demonstrating competence in their skill level.
A satisfied client
Jen takes special interest in Mom and goes the extra mile to show her care and concern.
A happy client
DMS has been a great staffing company to work with. The staff that were provided were all wonderful. DMS has been a tremendous asset to our organization.
A medical facility
Have recommended your service to others because of the care of the office staff and Home Care staff is beyond excellent.
A delighted client
Due to external policies we must have certain staffing levels for our small wellness clinic. When there is an unplanned absence, DMS has always delivered in providing us coverage for the staff member is out. They are also very responsive in assisting us with coverage for vacations. Their help has been instrumental in ensuring services to our students stays consistent.
A local wellness clinic
Diversified Medical Staff is always professional, courteous and reliable. The nurses are knowledgeable and well trained. It is truly a pleasure to work with DMS.
An area public school
Thank you for being you and taking care of us and caring so much about us. Our caregivers are honest and I feel secure. They are on time and knowledgeable.
Patti D.
The team at DMS is responsive and courteous. We appreciate the regular communication and their commitment to our satisfaction.
A community hospital
Excellent service, reasonable rates, personal attention, friendly people.
A happy client
Since using DMS I have had nothing but I positive experience. The recruiters are quick to find coverage when needed, even with little to no notice given. Very personal and professional!
A retirement community
Denise was extremely pleasant to work with. She took the time to visit my office and figure out which staff member would be a perfect fit. Using DMS saved me so much time. I did not need to conduct interviews or worry about hiring the wrong person. I will definitely be using them again in the future.
A medical billing company
It is evident your jobs are more than jobs, it's your calling. I appreciate all you have done. You have consistently cared for my family member with the utmost respect and kindness.
My dad's caregiver is doing a fabulous job. He calls her superwoman. The house is nice and clean. He is eating good. We couldn't be happier.
Linda E.
I have never had such good care as I get from DMS Home Care. Each of my caregivers is very professional, they catch on quick and they remember all the specifics about my care. Yours is the best agency I have ever worked with.
Vern C.
DMS has been a great agency to work with. They really helped us out in a staffing bind! They consistently respond to shift requests very quickly and send talented nurses.
A local medical facility
Communication is great. Kevin and Amanda are both very friendly and easy to talk to. The ONLY negative I would say is that when one of your staff needs to cancel their shift, finding a replacement rarely happens. I understand it's hard to find someone last minute, but this is usually when we need to reach out to other agencies to see if they can cover.
A local retirement community
"We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for all you did to help us out with mom and dad over the years. Every time we left, we knew we could go in confidence because your staff was so wonderful, caring, and well-trained."
Mr. & Mrs. A.
"I commend DMS Home Care for the close monitoring and follow-up of our parents and their caregivers."
I really appreciate when I contact DMS that they respond quickly, and keep me informed of the progress, as they search for a candidate for a position that needs to be filled soon. They usually find someone quickly, and with good skills, that can join the team with ease. I also get periodic emails asking how the candidate it doing, and how are they fitting in with our organization. This is very helpful and makes me feel they care.
A medical facility
I like the people I deal with. They're friendly, kind and understanding. Very ambitious and always ready to help.
A satisfied client
We used Diversified Medical Staffing this year for front desk and nursing. They are a very dependable and reliable company to use. They check on employees to make sure everything is going smooth and that there are no issues. Getting time cards over and receiving invoices was never an issue. I would use and recommend DMS anytime!!
A pediatrics office
I have had remarkable experience with DMS. Great response time, staff that are able to accommodate and good communication. It is nice to have a dependable agency to call when needed.
A crisis center
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