DMS Five Step Pre-Employment Screening Process

DMS seeks employees which have significant experience within the targeted staffing position. All employees are required to have at least one year related work experience.

Qualified applicants undergo a thorough interview and evaluation process to ensure they meet and exceed all requirements for:

  • Exceptional occupational knowledge determined through detailed skills testing
  • Requisite professional experience
  • Up-to-date OSHA/HIPAA training
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Overall superior level of professionalism

Two employment references are obtained and thoroughly evaluated for each candidate.

Thorough verifications and background checks are performed on all staff including:

  • Annual criminal background checks
  • I9 verification
  • Necessary vaccinations verification
  • Review of OIG / GSA sanctions
  • Drug testing (certain disciplines)
  • Appropriate licensure verification

DMS assesses the individual's "fit" with placement opportunities to ensure that the chosen staff is well suited to your facility and environment.