Frequently Asked Questions

How can DMS assist me in my job search?

DMS is a quality oriented staffing company that focuses exclusively on staffing specialized health care professionals. Working with DMS enables you to dramatically broaden your scope of potential job opportunities and get access to many jobs that are not advertised publicly.


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Is there a fee to use DMS?

There is never a fee to you, the employee, to utilize our services.


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Why should I go to DMS for employment?

DMS is a highly regarded resource in the health care industry with the reputation for providing rewarding job placements to our employees.

DMS offers a variety of job placement opportunities including per diem, temporary, temp-to-permanent and permanent direct hire opportunities.


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What sets DMS apart from its competition?

DMS has exclusively served health care professionals since 1985.  Our goal is to provide high quality health care personnel to match the specific and unique needs of our clients. We provide a customized fit to ensure the staff matches and is satisfied with the employment opportunity.


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What employment options does DMS offer?

DMS receives new staffing requests for medical and dental personnel daily. During 2010 alone, DMS made over 1,800 staff placements to serve 186 clients. We offer several employment options including flexible contract and temporary employment, direct permanent placements, the PEP option (DMS temp-to-hire program), and travel nursing.


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Should I use DMS if I really want a permanent position?

If you are searching for a permanent job, you might wonder why we would encourage you to experience a temporary posting while looking for the right permanent position. 

There are several good reasons to take a temporary placement. By placing you in a temporary job opportunity, DMS gives you the opportunity to gain valuable and diverse work experience, build key skills, and establish professional contacts.  This will help you build your resume and your skills and give you an extra edge in the search for that perfect permanent position.

Also, a temporary-to-permanent experience allows you to "try-out" a company before receiving a full-time employment offer. This ensures that you are happy and comfortable in the new workplace. Almost 70% of our placements have the opportunity to become temp-to-permanent.


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Where is DMS located?

DMS is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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How do I apply with DMS?

To contact a recruiter and learn about open positions in your area, submit an on-line application, or send a resume to, or call DMS at 800-881-3205.


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