New Team Member

I would like to welcome our newest internal team member, Bonnie Swanson, RN, BSN.  Bonnie started last week and her responsibilities center on recruiting and retaining talent for DMS.  As employees you will be hearing from Bonnie as her training winds down in the next few days.  Feel free to call and introduce yourself to her.

I recently read in an industry publication that despite the sluggish economy, more and employees (up to 75%) in North America feel secure in their jobs.  I would think in healthcare that number would be even higher.  With the recession and need to reduce payrolls, those employees who have "hung on" to their positions have stayed for a reason - that is to say they likely would have been let go by now.  At DMS, we have noticed an upswing in business since last fall, which we believe is a sign of a turnaround for the economy.

Thanks for visiting our website.

Charlie Ferro
President, DMS