Gerontology, Aging, and job opportunities

I recently attended a conference at a local community college that featured a certificate in Gerontology.  With the growth DMS has seen in the home health market and working with the aging population, I thought it would be beneficial for me to understand the program better.  I was very impressed and look to have some of our internal employees who work in home health to attend some classes to better understand some of our clientele.  Also, we have candidates call DMS every day who want break into healthcare but have no experience.  We often tell them to volunteer to gain experience.  Getting that first opportuinity can be difficult.  However, we can now advise those individuals to take a class on Gerontology. With the current and projected growth of home care and the need to care for the now aging Baby Boomers, this is a great opportunity for jobs and growth in the coming decades.  If you are looking for a career with job security and prospects for growth - check out Gerontology.

Thank you.

Charlie Ferro